The 23-year-old singer has certainly come a long way since his days in the Jonas Brothers, who were famous for being celibate. In a provocative interview on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night (14Jun16), Nick was questioned about what he likes and dislikes when getting intimate - and came up with a few surprising revelations.

When host Andy Cohen asked him, "Have you ever been into or would you be into getting spanked?" Nick replied, "Yeah, absolutely. I've got a firm a*s."

But when it comes to a bit of bondage, Nick isn't a fan of being tied to a bedpost by his love interest.

"Not into it," he replied. "It happened one time, and it didn't end well. I didn't know what to do, it was all... it was bad."

Andy then joked that the situation probably unfolded when Nick was dating the famously kinky Miley Cyrus, before they split in 2007.

Other things that Nick is "not into" include "watching porn in the bedroom with someone" and "furries" - having sex with someone while wearing a furry animal costume.

Another concept Nick can't quite wrap his head around is the idea of a foot fetish, with the singer admitting: "I've never understood that!"

The Jealous singer would maybe be into voyeurism, watching other people have sex, but isn't into having his hair pulled - mainly because he has a buzz cut.

His worldwide fame also means that having sex in public places would be incredibly difficult, with Nick admitting: "That doesn't really bode well for me!"

Nick was also questioned about his relationship with Kate Hudson. The pair were first romantically linked in September (15) and have been seen out together on a number of occasions since then. But Nick remained coy when he was questioned about the romance, only admitting that the last thing he texted the 37-year-old actress was, "Hope you're well".