Nick Jonas has been ''enjoying every second'' of his day since discovering he has been nominated for a Golden Globe.

The former Jonas Brother has found himself in the running for one of the prestigious gongs at the 2018 award ceremony after it was announced on Monday (11.12.17) that he had been nominated for Best Original Song for his track 'Home', which features in animated movie 'Ferdinand'.

And the 25-year-old musician has now revealed he was told the happy news after being awoken by his friend in the early hours of the morning.

He said: ''My wake up call this morning was one of my friends banging on my door because I wasn't answering my phone. He handed me his phone and at first I feared that something was wrong, but then it was my manager telling me the news and I freaked out. I was like a ten-year-old child who just got a new Gameboy.

''[I've spent the day] reeling it in and just trying to enjoy every second and every feeling.''

Nick wasn't too concerned with bagging a nomination before the list was announced, however.

He added: ''To be honest I just sort of said, 'whatever happens, happens.'''

The 'Jealous' hitmaker was the only person in his close circle who managed to keep his cool, as he revealed he had several missed calls from family and friends after they discovered the good news.

He told E! News: ''I had calls from the director of 'Ferdinand', Carlos Saldanha, who is just so amazing. Then from my dad, and I had like five missed calls from my manager. My first couple of calls were to my parents and my brothers and some other friends. It was really exciting.''