Nick Jonas' girlfriend provides ''incredible scenery'' in his new video.

The former Jonas Brothers' singer has made an ''out there'' video for his new track 'Jealous' and was delighted to ask Olivia Culpo to take a starring role in the clip.

He told MTV News:''She's a lot of fun, she's a cellist and she played cello in the clouds in this video, which is pretty incredible scenery. In lingerie, so, why not?

''It is a little out there.''

Nick teamed up with artist Peter Tunney for the video and hopes he and the filmmaker have created a visual that will make people examine what jealousy ''means''.

He explained: ''I think the thing is we wanted to open up a conversation about jealousy and the human element of it and the fact that most of the time I feel like it's in your head.

''I had a specific experience that sort of inspired me to write this song and got the ball rolling in that sense, and it's not limited to that by any means. And this video is about getting a little bit deeper and opening the conversation up and just having fun while we do it.''