Nick Jonas has accepted Mariah Carey's invitation to start a band together.

The 'Only Human' singer has quipped that he accepted Mariah's request after she said she was ''starting a new band'' with Nick and his wife Priyanka Chopra.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''I'm down. If Mariah wants to start the band, I'm for it. Priyanka went to her show in London I think. Actually, while we were there meeting with our London distributors for Villa One and she had the best time. We were randomly at the same restaurant as Mariah, and unfortunately she couldn't come to the show tonight because she had her own show, but in Vegas, we're going to go see Mariah. It's going to be fun.''

There was nearly a time Nick didn't get back with his siblings Joe and Kevin Jonas as things had got so bad between the trio that they hadn't even had any ''healthy'' communication with each other before their recent reunion.

Nick said: ''It feels like the second bite of the apple is potentially going to be even bigger because we're in a healthy place, we're enjoying the ride. And I think the music is a reflection of that. There's a different magic when we're together that I wasn't experiencing. So I started sprinkling some Jonas Brothers songs into my set, but always thought, 'This would be a lot better with the other Jonas Brothers.' ... For us, it goes back a lot further just 'cause the way things ended back in 2012, 2013 was really complicated, both as family and as Brothers. So it took some time to get into it all and like I said, unpack it ... It's just been insane, and I think the biggest year of growth for us.''