The singer siblings used to be part of pop group Jonas Brothers, with their elder brother Kevin. Since the band split in 2013, Nick and Joe have stayed in the limelight, working on separate music, acting and presenting projects.

The pair are also known for having high profile romances, and Joe admits occasionally he has to check with his younger brother before he starts dating someone.

“We’re pretty supportive of each other. There might be a rare occasion where we’ve got to make sure, ‘Hey, you haven’t dated this person, have you?’” he grinned to #legend magazine.

Joe and Nick are also supportive of each other's careers. Joe is in band DNCE, who recently beat Nick to an MTV VMA nod, making the shortlist for best new artist, while Nick's solo and acting work is going from strength to strength.

Getting the green light on a hot date is easier now than ever for 26-year-old Joe, as he and Nick, 23, live together. Calling their bachelor pad “pretty awesome”, Joe explains he gets the best of both worlds by living with his busy brother; his own space but also someone to hang out with when they’re both home.

“You know, I would say it’s nice because we are both so busy that we’re never at home at the same time. We can actually enjoy our space and not feel crowded, which I think is really nice,” he explained. “I think there are times, if you’re around your siblings too much, that they drive you crazy. But Nick and I get along, we like spending time with each other, although I like to take control of the interior decorating stuff. I’m actually really glad that he’s let me take the reins on that.”