Nick Grimshaw thinks he is ''rubbish'' at his job at times.

The Radio 1 'Breakfast Show' presenter admits he often doubts his own abilities when he is fronting the programme but doesn't dwell on his performance because he knows he can always make up for it the next day when he is back on air.

He said: ''Certain days you're like, 'God, I'm rubbish at this!' But the great thing is, you can do it again the next day.''

Nick has had a host of big-name stars on his show but admits they are not always in a good mood, such as once when Justin Bieber was being ''grumpy'' because he was ''tired''.

He said: ''He was like, 'I'm tired!' and I was like, 'We're all tired!', he wasn't even pretending that he wasn't being grumpy.''

Kim Kardashian West was also once a guest on the disc jockey's show and before she took to the guest's seat there was a team of people who made sure the lighting was spot on.

Speaking to the iWeekend newspaper, he added: ''A guy came in and sat in the chair and another went into the gallery and they messed around with the lighting to see how great she would look.

''I say to all of our guests that the lighting, the camera, and the photo booth on the 'Breakfast Show' are Kim Kardashian-approved.

''The vainest person in the world who made nearly a billion from selfies approves of our lighting and angles, so you can't complain.''