Nick Frost refused to dance with his wife at his wedding.

The 41-year-old actor admits his fear of wiggling his hips in front of people ''ruined'' his big day when he tied the knot with Christina Frost - with whom he has a two-year-old son - in 2008, because he refused to have a traditional first dance with her.

He told French TV's RTÉ Ten news: ''I had a secret fantasy and that was that I always wanted to be a dancer. I like dancing, I'm a good dancer but I don't like people watching me dance. And that fear ruined my wedding because I didn't want to dance with my wife in front of our guests on our wedding day.''

The comic star is currently starring as Bruce in the upcoming romantic movie 'Cuban Fury' - which sees him play a former Salsa phenomenon, who attempts a comeback years after his career was ruined - and made the decision to sign up as a way of making amends with his wife.

He explained: ''I think this was a way of apologising to her [Christina]. It was like a really expensive form of therapy to get over a fear I have of people watching me dance.''