Several big names in music are to be involved with a forthcoming Nick Drake tribute album.

Drake died in 1974 aged just 26 and has since become one of the most acclaimed folk songwriters of all time.

DAVE GROHL and Norah Jones are attached to the project, alongside Pearl Jam'S Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson.

The album will be on Johnson's record label later this year and will be accompanied by a DVD which will feature a video for Drake's Black Eyed Dog filmed by late actor Heath Ledger.

"No-one in the world has ever seen that before," David Schulhof of Evergreen Copyrights told the BBC.

Drake released a string of albums which have since attained classic status, such as FIVE LEAVES LEFT, BRYTER LATER and PINK MOON.

A tribute to the much-missed musician was recently performed at The Lowry at Salford Quays, o what would have been Drake's 60th year.

20/01/2009 11:40:44