Rocker Nick Cave uses online encyclopedia website Wikipedia to help him write songs.

The Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds star admits he turns to the Internet when he needs inspiration and often browses through pages on to help craft his lyrics.

He tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Wikipedia is very much a tool, but a great tool. For me, as a songwriter, it's the place to look for lovely, esoteric details. Whether they're true or not is irrelevant to the songwriting process. I'm not in the business of telling the truth and educating people... I'm just in the business of atmosphere and playing with the heart strings and so forth.

"What I love about Wikipedia is the randomness of the information. It's a kind of universal memory that's like our own memories, an untrustworthy mechanism. I find that very exciting."

However, Cave insists his own Wikipedia page is not factually accurate, adding, "It's impressive but it's not true, even though I'm still f**king alive. I can't think what they might be saying about Martin Luther King."