Cave asked pal Andrew Dominik to tackle the film, about the making of his new album Skeleton Tree, because he didn't want to have to promote the project by opening up about the family tragedy.

His son Arthur, 15, fell to his death from a cliff in Brighton, England, while The Ship Song singer was writing and recording tracks for the project last year (15).

Speaking at the Venice Film Festival in Italy on Monday (05Sep16), Dominik said, "The idea of this (promoting the album) made him (Cave) feel sick, because he was going to have to discuss the context of the record with a whole bunch of journalists.

"That prospect was very alarming to him. His instinct in making the film was one of self-preservation: it was a way to talk about what happened, but there was a certain safety in doing it with someone he knew."

The director's One More Time With Feeling features Cave talking about his son’s death, but Dominik feels sure his friend got little relief from putting his thoughts and feelings on film.

"Nick deals with everything in life by working," the moviemaker explains. "If his heart is broken he can turn it into a song, everything is a grist for the mill. But I don’t think the film, or the songs, helped him with his grief. Perhaps momentarily. But this thing is so big, you can’t even get your arms around it."