Nick Cave vehemently rejects claims he turned to God after his split with former rock star girlfriend PJ Harvey left him begging for divine intervention.

The somber singer immortalised the break-up on his 1997 album THE BOATMAN'S CALL, but insists his romantic loss didn't prompt him to regularly attend church - because he wasn't particularly heart-broken.

Asked if his separation from Harvey inspired him to seek comfort in God, Cave spits, "No I f**king didn't. Where'd you get that from? Come on. That's just not true.

"I wasn't that wounded, to be honest with you. I wrote a great song, FAR FROM ME (on The Boatman's Call), about her, which was a f**king cracker.

"That song was the high point of our relationship. It lives on."

04/02/2005 09:42