Morose rocker Nick Cave has found happiness in middle age, but he still has to battle his inner darkness.

The Australian concedes he will always have a pessimistic outlook on life, but uses his work to contain it.

And Cave, who lives in Brighton, England, has spent the last few years writing in an office in his home in an attempt to give his life structure.

Cave says, "Happy? At times, yes. As happy as it's in my nature to be.

"I'm certainly given to a pessimistic view of the world, and I have to be vigilant not to be consumed by that in some way. So, I will continue to go to the office every day.

"You, know, for me, that nine-to-five thing has been, for some time about keeping my life together. Because otherwise it just seemed to fall apart so easily."

16/12/2004 13:51