Australian rocker Nick Cave is dreading the forthcoming Australian Recording Industry Association (Aria) awards - even though he will be honoured at the ceremony for his contribution to music. The singer/songwriter insists the event, which takes place on Sunday (28Oct07), is "f**king tedious", and hopes to escape soon after he joins Australia's top performers in the ARIA Hall Of Fame. He says, "I'm actually dreading it to be completely honest because I have to go to the ARIA Awards. That's something I've been avoiding for 25 years because I think it's so f**king tedious. "But I think I'm allowed to come in the back door, get inducted, however, they're going to induct me, and leave and go get a kebab." And Cave denies he turned down previous offers to the Hall Of Fame: "No, I've never been asked actually. They just asked me this year and I said yeah."