Nick Carter would support his son if he wanted to be in a boy band.

The Backstreet Boys star would love to see his 14-month-old son Odin Reign join the music industry when he's older and would be by his side 100 per cent.

He said: ''I mean, I guess it's a good thing if we're making an impact in history and life. And if he comes to me and says that [he wants to be in a boy band], that'll be one of those things where I've just gotta support him and guide him in the right things to do.

''Because that's the thing about the entertainment business, it can be dangerous at times, and if you're not supported by your family, you can get in trouble.''

And Nick thinks he's well equipped to advise his son on the ups and down of boy band fame as he has been ''through all the phases of every single'' type of boy in the group.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''I guess I kind of started pretty, then I went a little bad. And then I kind of got a little more mature, and so I'm a little more responsible now. I went through all the phases of every single boy. I guess that's me.''

Meanwhile, The Backstreet Boys recently revealed they are increasing their Las Vegas residency.

Kevin Richardson said: ''We're all fathers now. It's just really convenient for us to be with our families. We're doing three shows a week. We're not on a plane or on a bus every day going to a new city, to a new arena, to another hotel, to another airport. It's just a lot easier... and (it's) so fun for us, so that's a plus.''