Nick Carter did not attend his sister's funeral on the weekend and has told Tmz that the rest of the Carter family "made it impossible" for him to be there. His sister Leslie Carter died on January 31, 2012 aged 25 from a suspected overdose of prescription medicine. Her funeral took place in upstate New York on the weekend and was reportedly attended by several of Leslie's family members, though her elder brother Nick was not one of them.
At the time that the funeral took place, Nick Carter was allegedly performing in concert and his tour continues tonight (February 7, 2012) in Huntington, New York. He told Tmz that he wanted to be at Leslie's funeral, but said his family "has always had a complicated dynamic." He did not expand on this comment, however. Tmz state in their article that sources who know Nick and the family have confirmed that Nick felt as though "family members went out of their way to make sure he was not included."
Nick told reporters, though that he was experiencing a number of emotions relating to his sister's untimely death, adding "I am trying to stay healthy, positive, and focused." Tmz also spoke briefly to another of Nick's sisters, Ginger Carter, who told them "that's not true" before hanging up. The Carter siblings - Aaron Nick and Leslie - were all involved in a reality TV show in 2006 entitled The House of Carter, which chronicled their attempts to rejuvenate their music careers.