Nick Carter and Paris Hilton have resumed their war of words, with the pop heart-throb branding his ex-girlfriend "immature".

Hotel heiress Hilton was asked last week (ends13MAY05) on Alberta radio show THE CANADIAN HIT 30 COUNTDOWN to compare her new boyfriend PARIS LATSIS to her previous boyfriends, such as Carter, reports MTV NEWS.

Hilton responded, "Night and day. He's not using me for anything... he's not a disgusting pig, sorry."

Carter responded shortly afterward that Hilton "should take a look in the mirror", adding, "I kind of have to brush it off my shoulders, because she's very immature.

"The problem with Paris is that she thrives off of hurting other people, and it's not just me."

Fellow BACKSTREET BOY KEVIN RICHARDSON added that he had asked Hilton to halt the negative comments, explaining, "I pulled her aside at a party, and said, 'We'd never done anything to harm you, I don't appreciate the negative comments. Unless you want me coming after you in the press, and you don't want me talking about you, you need to stop it and lay off my little brother.'

"It angers me that she started again."

Carter's brief romance with Hilton ended last summer (04).

17/05/2005 02:47