Nick Cannon's seven-year-old son outsmarted him to buy a dog online.

The 37-year-old star - who has fraternal twins, daughter Monroe and son Moroccan, with ex-wife Mariah Carey - was ''hoodwinked'' by his ''conniving mastermind'' son but he was impressed by his cunning.

Nick shared: ''He's a mini conniving mastermind.

''He came up to me so innocently and he was like, 'Dad, I forgot it, I had it, but I really need your cell phone number.' I was like, 'Why? I'm right here,' and he's like, 'Oh, no, I just want to call you from my iPad.'

''So I give him my cell phone number and go back to doing what I was doing. Then, not even 15 minutes later, my phone rings and they're like, 'Yes, so your new Golden Retriever is ready.'''

In spite of his tender years, Moroccan has already become an expert with technology.

Nick told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''He breaks all my codes, my passwords! He knows my PayPal, my Amazon, and he changes it to all his own stuff.''

The former 'America's Got Talent' host - who was married to Mariah from 2008 until 2016 - likened the incident to a scene from the cartoon sitcom 'The Simpsons', with Moroccan fulfilling the role of Bart Simpson and himself as Homer.

He joked: ''It was like that Homer Simpson to Bart yell: 'Roc!!!' And he comes running in and is like, 'What?' I was like, 'That's why you wanted my phone number? So you can get the confirmation so they know when and where to deliver the dog?'

''And he said, 'Yeah. I need another puppy.' He was so matter of fact.''

Although Nick ultimately cancelled his son's order, he was still quite impressed with Moroccan for manufacturing the situation.

Nick admitted: ''My hats off to him man, the kid's a genius.

''I don't know how he does it. Cause he typed in everything. The type of puppy he wanted, the address that where it's supposed to be delivered and all they needed was a confirmation to speak with someone to be able to deliver the dog.''