The rapper and actor was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles last week (ends23Dec16) after suffering a setback in his ongoing battle with autoimmune disease lupus.

After completing his treatment, Cannon was allowed to leave on Thursday, and wasted no time in getting back to work on his music.

Sharing a video of himself in the studio, he told the camera: "By his stripes I am healed! Ain't no hospital bed can hold me. Y'all can see where I'm at - I'm in the studio, straight from my hospital bed to the studio.

"Hey no, I feel great to be back at it and again I'm just sending y'all love and inspiration, it's for real, no pity party, I'm taking the game over for 2017."

While the America's Got Talent host didn't go into details about exactly what had led to his hospitalisation, he did reveal that he had undergone five blood transfusions during his time in the medical centre.

"It's incredible, stay motivated and you can make it through anything. They can't shake me. Five blood transfusions - nah, it ain't nothing, let's go!" he shared.

Cannon's positive attitude continued to his caption for the video, which read: "I broke out that joint!!!! Stuffed some pillows under the covers and ran out like the little rascals!! LOL. After 2 weeks and 5 blood transfusions ... by his stripes I am healed!!! #BeNcredible #NoPityParty #HoldOn." He also quoted a passage from the Bible, writing: "Isaiah 54:17 'No Weapon Formed Against me Shall Prosper.'"

The father-of-two also appeared to have undergone something of a makeover during his time in the hospital, sporting braids with red and green beads in his hair. Though he brushed off jokes comparing his new look to that of Solange Knowles and Venus and Serena Williams.

Cannon, 36, was diagnosed with lupus in 2012 after suffering kidney failure and life-threatening blood clots.