TV personality Nick Cannon has cut fast food from his diet in a bid to get his good health back following a string of medical emergencies.
The America's Got Talent presenter was diagnosed with acute kidney failure in December (11) and he was hospitalised again last month (Feb12) after doctors discovered blood clots in his lungs.
Medics finally got to the bottom of his condition and found the actor/rapper to be suffering from a rare form of lupus, which causes his immune system to attack his kidney organs.
But, although Cannon was taken back by his diagnosis, the star is certain his road to recovery will be "easy".
During an interview on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Monday (05Mar12), he said, "I'm dealing with it. I'm not used to the medicine. I've never been one to like to take medicine and pills and stuff but I feel like I'm starting to figure out a lot of holistic ways, meditation and stuff, to get through it.
"I feel like it's gonna be easy, I'm not really worried about it... I have been ordered to sleep at least six hours a night... They say rest is probably the best medicine...
"The diet is the worst part; I can't have any fast food anymore. That was my favourite. No (MCDonald's) happy meals, nothing. I'm sad. But other than that it's great. In all seriousness, I'm eating healthy, no sodium in my diet, tons of water. I feel better because a lot of that food can slow you down and now I'm putting the right foods in my body... I feel awesome."
And Cannon confesses he would be nowhere without his wife, singer Mariah Carey.
He adds, "She's awesome. She's so nurturing. I call her Dr. Carey. She just takes care of me and makes sure I'm eating what I'm supposed to. She made me an egg white sandwich before I left the house this morning."