Rapper and actor Nick Cannon has suggested he has a few other girlfriends besides sexy singer Christina Milian.

The LOVE DON'T COST A THING co-stars have been gracing various events together as a couple for quite some time, but Cannon now reveals she's not the only woman in his life.

He explains, "I've got friends; I don't really have a girlfriend. I have friends that are girls.

"(Christina's) one of my best friends. She's a beautiful girl. I would say I have friends who are girls. She is a friend and she understands.

"I don't know (if she has other boyfriends), I don't really wanna hear about that if she does. She does her thing, I do my thing. We're close friends. She's a great person."

Cannon believes that getting into a serious romance at the age of 24 will "blow" his chances with other women, adding, "I'm just starting."

08/08/2005 09:07