Singer Nick Cannon has accused his former lover Christina Milian of exploiting their acrimonious split to promote her new album. Cannon met the 24-year-old singer when they starred together in the romantic comedy LOVE DON'T COST A THING. Milian has admitted writing new song WHO'S GONNA RIDE? - a thinly-veiled complaint by a woman scorned - helped her get through the break-up. She says, "It was heartbreaking for me. I was a good girl, a really loyal girl, and I got beat real." A friend of Cannon's tells the New York Daily News, "She's leveraging his success and using his name for press. "No one cares about Christina Milian. She's not Beyonce." Milian is now dating DRE, a producer on her album. Cannon's friend adds, "If you're in a relationship with a new guy, why are you talking about Nick? "Because her boyfriend knows it's good PR for her."