A man implicated in the murder of rapper CHRISTOPHER 'NOTORIOUS BIG' WALLACE has reportedly fallen out with DEATH ROW RETURNS boss MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT - leading to fears for his life.

Celebrated moviemaker Nick Broomfield investigated Wallace and rival rapper Tupac Shakur's deaths in last year's (02) influential big screen documentary BIGGIE AND TUPAC - claiming to find a link in the mid-nineties between Knight and a former Compton, Los Angeles police office called REGGIE WRIGHT JNR., who had strong links with Death Row.

Now Broomfield alleges that Wright and ex-convict Knight have fallen out - and he has been told that the latter is facing an imminent death.

He claims, "I think Suge and a gentleman named Reggie Wright Jnr have had a falling out.

"Reggie Wright Jr, according to various sources, was involved in staging the hit on Biggie Smalls. Reggie Wright, who I think may be murdered in the next few weeks, is like the weak link at the moment."

Broomfield, who says a case brought by Wallace's family against the Los Angeles Police Force is progressing well, hopes that the unsolved murders of two of hip-hop's biggest stars can still be solved - despite the deaths of several witnesses since the murder.

He says, "I think there are still people that know and it might require one of them to cooperate."

Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone is currently finalising plans to write, direct and star in a film as detective Russell Poole, a central character in Broomfield's film - who was taken off the Wallace murder case after supposedly finding evidence of a 'cover up'.

18/06/2003 17:23