British film-maker Nick Broomfield credits US President George W Bush's outspoken behaviour and opinions with providing a new school of documentary-makers with fantastic material.

Broomfield - famous for AILEEN: LIFE AND DEATH OF A SERIAL KILLER, an insight into MONSTER inspiration AILEEN WUORNOS' motives - also believes the amalgamation of the American media has opened the door for high-grossing feature length documentaries.

The 57-year-old tells British magazine HOTDOG, "I think George Bush has done a fantastic amount for the documentary movement because his behaviour has been so outrageous.

"And I think as the big media corporations have assumed more independent companies it's become harder for the American public to get information.

"That has enabled a whole school of documentary films to come into being... it's a radical time."

09/03/2005 17:51