Warm Bodies star Nicholas Hoult scoffed warm "cakey" brains covered in hair on the set of the new undead comedy to make sure crew members didn't have to waste time re-setting the scene.

The former child star felt like he "took one for the team" when he found himself trying to choke down strands of hair during one of the movie's most unpleasant scenes.

Hoult admits he found the fake brains and blood to be quite "tasty", but he really had to force down the hair.

He tells U.S. Tv host Conan O'Brien, "The brains are made of some cakey sort of thing and it's quite sweet... It's tasty apart from the one time when the dummy's hair got pulled off and it was mixed in with the brains.

"I sat there and I saw it and I knew it took a while to re-set this skull so I thought, 'You know what, I'm just gonna eat the hair.' So I ate it. I felt as though I was taking one for the team. I thought, 'If I do this, everyone can go home early and they won't be stuck here...'"

"I was quietly heroic, I never mentioned it until now, so hopefully I'll get lots of messages going, 'You're amazing!'"