Nicholas Hoult has an ''obsessive'' personality.

The 23-year-old 'Warm Bodies' actor admitted he often finds himself compulsively learning new hobbies until he gets bored of them, resulting in his parents giving him the nickname 'Toad' after the lovable creative and resourceful character from 'The Wind in the Willows'.

He explained: ''[I have an] obsessive [nature]. [It] goes through phases with things, like when I was on the set of 'Mad Max', I learned how to knit and threw myself into it wholeheartedly. I knitted 24/7 pretty much. It got to the point where it wasn't fun anymore.

''[I'd] pick up an idea and run with it and then suddenly drop it and move on to the next thing. When I like something, I love it, but then I'll let it go completely.

Nicholas - who recently split up with his 'X Men: First Class' co-star Jennifer Lawrence after two years together - doesn't think he is famous enough to be followed by paparazzi and tries hard to keep himself busy during his spare time to refrain from an unhealthy state of being idle.

He added in an interview with The Observer Magazine: ''The paparazzi don't care about me. It's weird, most of the time you don't even see them. They're like ninjas.

''I always like to keep busy, otherwise my brain starts ticking. It's not healthy to be idle. There shouldn't be time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself and think too much.

''Long-term boredom can't lead to anything good.''