Nicholas Hoult is running out of pages in his passport because he travels so much.

The 23-year-old actor mainly divides his time between London and Los Angeles, and also regularly jets off on film shoots, but insists he doesn't mind because he is so used to taking airplanes.

He said: ''I'm in England but I'm shooting in South Africa and then coming back to Los Angeles, I'm running out of passport pages. It's a lot of flying but my dad was a pilot so I'm pretty good on planes.''

Nicholas - who previously dated Jennifer Lawrence - likes to spend him downtime reading up on the internet but says he never reads anything about himself.

He told People magazine: ''I read stuff on the internet [to relax]. The last thing I looked up was how to pick a lock because it's a good thing to know. But I don't read gossip and I try to be private. Otherwise when people watch you onscreen, they think about what they know about you.''