Jet frontman Nic Cester thinks Sir Paul McCartney was the most talented Beatle.

The Australian rocker is in awe of the 67-year-old star's musicianship and thinks it is wrong his bass playing is often overshadowed and his vocals "underrated" compared to his Fab Four contemporaries John Lennon and George Harrison.

He said: "He has an innate sense of melody that is quite unique to him. It is easy to overlook his bass-playing because of his other contributions to music, like his songwriting. He's a pretty underrated singer, too. He could cross between ballads and rockers without breaking a sweat."

Another of Nic's musical heroes is Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, and he would have him in his dream band.

He said: "I love The Rolling Stones and I think I'd need his lack of ego to maintain a stable group."