British rock newcomers Nic Armstrong + THE THIEVES have shattered the myth Oasis are wild on tour - they insist the LYLA hitmakers were very sweet to them.

The rockers were thrilled when Liam Gallagher invited them to tour America and still can't believe how welcoming and pleasant the Oasis bandmates were.

Guitarist GLYNN WEDGEWOOD says, "We toured with Paul Weller in England and Liam and NOEL (GALLAGHER) checked us out and they really liked us.

"They're a great band and we were thrilled when we got the call to join them on tour. You hear a lot of things about Oasis but, seriously, we haven't got a bad word to say against them.

"It's true they're party boys who are not afraid of the booze but we like to party too. We had a great time. I only hope we get the chance to do it again."

13/07/2005 09:20