Aspiring British rockers Nic Armstrong + THE THIEVES have been forced to scrap two dream dates with pals Oasis because they're tied to a US tour with The Bravery.

The group, who supported Oasis for shows in America earlier this year (05), were thrilled when fan Liam Gallagher offered them summer dates in Newcastle, England before they realised they had other commitments.

Guitarist GLYNN WEDGEWOOD says, "The Oasis guys were really gracious and when we played our final show with them in Philadelphia, NOEL (GALLAGHER) said, 'We might have something for you.' Then they offered us the Newcastle shows.

"Unfortunately we were already booked for The Bravery tour in America. We were gutted because Oasis are great guys and we had a great time with them."

And to make matters worse, the Thieves have to return to Toronto, Canada with The Bravery. The last time they performed there they were detained at the US/Canadian border and missed a show with Oasis in Detroit, Michigan.

Wedgewood explains, "It was f**king ridiculous. They just f**ked with us. Everything was going so well and then our heads just f**king dropped. But they didn't have enough on us to prevent us from getting back into the States."

13/07/2005 02:40