Niall Horan won't be looking for romance on Tinder as he thinks it's ''filthy in there''.

The 'Too Much To Ask' hitmaker would like to find a girlfriend but insists he won't be turning to the dating app to find Mrs Right.

Asked if he'd swipe right to find love, he said: ''No, not a chance. It's filthy in there.''

And since he found fame with One Direction, Niall has grown frustrated by the constant rumours surrounding his love life.

He shared: ''I never really understood that kind of thing. It never bothered me, but you can't get away with anything. You can't walk down the street with a person - you could be their best friend in the world and people will think you're with them. But I'm 24 years old, and I'm allowed to be 24 in certain ways. It's not like I'm going around wrecking the place, taking a load of drugs. I'm not that kind of guy, but I am allowed to have a girlfriend.''

Since going solo, Niall has been on his own tour and admits it is much different than when he toured with his bandmates.

He added: ''Yeah, the day-to-day is a bit strange, but I'm starting to get used to it. There are less people with me now, around 16 people, so it's easier to get around. On the actual tour, the crew was a couple of hundred.''

And the 24-year-old singer insists he is just like everyone else but has ''a crazy life''.

Asked if fame has changed him, he told The Irish Times newspaper: ''I'm sure it has in certain ways, and I probably do certain things that would make people think I wasn't normal. I'd say I was quite a normal guy with just a crazy life, really.''