Niall Horan's next album won't be based on failed relationships.

The former One Direction singer dropped his debut solo LP 'Flicker' in October last year and, although it resonated with his fans due to the heartbreak-heavy lyrics, he's adamant his next release will just be made up of ''good songs''.

Speaking to Coup De Main magazine, he said: ''A lot of this album was driven from personal experiences and heartache and stuff like that. But I don't have that at the moment, so I think a lot more will just be going out and writing songs, and trying to write good songs, instead of being stuck on one particular concept.

''The album kind of turned out to be a concept album because it was about one particular thing, so I do think that next time will be a little bit different.''

The 24-year-old hunk - who is said to be dating Hailee Steinfeld - has admitted that he was inspired to ditch the love songs after hearing Sam Smith talk about how he can no longer write break-up ballads because he's in a happy relationship.

Niall explained: ''I heard him saying in an interview he did recently that he feels weird singing these songs now that are on this album because he's not heartbroken anymore. He's singing about stuff that makes him sad, but he's not sad anymore, so he does find it funny. And that kind of resonated with me. Now I'm thinking I just want to write songs, and not write about something in particular.''

However, before the blonde heartthrob gets back in the studio to work on his next release, he has to finish his 'Flicker World Tour' over the summer.