Niall Horan has had a golf room installed in his home.

The 24-year-old singer is an avid golf fan, having played the sport since he was a young child, and in 2016 he even set up the Modest! Golf management company to help scout new talent in the sport.

And now, the 'Slow Hands' hitmaker has taken his love of golf to a whole new level, as he took to Twitter to show off a picture of a room in his house which has been decked out as a mini golfing green, complete with a hole and an outer rim of fake grass.

He captioned the snap: ''thank you @prolawnturf and @celebrity greens for sorting me out with this room . (sic)''

Whilst it is likely Niall's new room will be used for him to indulge in his hobby, he may also use the mini green to hone his skills.

The 'This Town' singer previously revealed that he plays with a handicap of nine, and would never consider swapping his music career for a life as a professional golfer, as he doesn't think he has the natural skill required.

He said: ''I'm a sports fan in general and I watch a lot of sport and when I was 12 or 13 I joined my local golf club and fell in love with golf then. I play off 9, it basically means I'm not as good as the pros, if I wanted to be a pro I'd have to be plus 5 or 6 so I'm quite far away from that. If I had natural talent for golf then I would go pro. I'm a plodder and a hacker, like all the other amateurs. I'm even worse at mini golf!''

Although Niall is used to performing in front of thousands of fans as part of One Direction and now as a solo artist, he admitted he gets nervous when playing golf in front of audiences.

He said: ''I get nervous playing golf, people say but you play in front of thousands of people but golf is not my field, you're stepping into the un-comfort zone and it is quite scary. When I play in the ProAms some of the crowd expect you to be as good as the pros, you'll hear them shout, 'What was that?' It's like, 'OK, you have a go and see how you find it mate.' ''