Niall Horan found it ''weird'' working without the rest of One Direction.

The 23-year-old singer recently unveiled single 'This Town', his first piece of music since the group went on hiatus at the beginning of the year, and admits it felt strange recording an entire track by himself.

He said: ''It was obviously going to be a bit weird, I spent a long time in a band with other people. The weirdest thing I found was singing the whole song.''

But the writing process didn't feel strange for Niall, as he often wrote tracks for One Direction away from bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson.

Speaking to Marty Smiley and Melissa Whitelaw on Fox FM's The Squad. he said: ''I found that I wrote a lot of my good stuff on my own. It didn't feel any different. At the start I wasn't really writing for anything in particular.

''You go through phases as a writer where you're writing a lot of c**p one month and then you're writing some good stuff.

''I just happened to fall into that phase where I'm writing some alright stuff.''

Though the Irish singer is confident in his musical abilities, he still wasn't sure how his fans would react to the track.

He said: ''It's always a bit strange because you know the song inside out but you don't expect to get the reaction ... it's been crazy.''

Niall has told fans he will start recording his new album soon.

In a handwritten message to fans, sent out via his email newsletter, Niall wrote: ''I'm doing the final bits of writing over the next couple of weeks and then it's time to record the album. Can't wait to share the album with you all.''

Niall also revealed he recently took a trip to Nashville, where he worked on his solo material.

He explained: ''I did a writing trip to Nashville, which was amazing. Wrote some good stuff and met some cool people.''