Niall Horan would like to join Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes on stage.

The 'Slow Hands' singer was inspired when he saw the 'Castle on the Hill' and 'There's Nothing Holding Me Back' singers on stage together during Shawn's Illuminate World Tour and would love to organise something similar with the pair of them.

Niall said: ''I love the whole idea of getting people up to play with you. I don't think there's enough of it happening. I saw Ed get up there with Shawn at his show. We're all mates, so if we're in the same city at the same time it would be great to get up and do a cover.''

And the One Direction star has revealed it took just one day for him to write his smash hit 'Slow Hands'.

He told 1883 magazine: ''I thought I'd finished the album last November or December, then I got bored in January and started writing again. I wrote 'Slow Hands' on the first day and I ended up writing another 30 per cent of the album this year, so it's fairly easy to get rid of the bad ones. The hardest decision was picking the final songs.''

Meanwhile, Niall previously revealed he has been inspired by his roots on his new album.

He explained: ''I was recording a song a couple of weeks ago, and it's kind of got a Damien Rice feel to it. The producer said to me afterwards 'You have no idea how Irish you sound, when you hear this!' He played it back to me and I was like 'JESUS! I sound Irish there!' There's a lot of that stuff on it.''