Niall Horan doesn't trust his parents' opinions on his music.

The 23-year-old Irish hunk can't go by his mum and dad's comments of his songs because they always say they like everything he does.

Appearing on 'The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show' on Tuesday (30.05.17), he confessed: ''It's hard to play it [for my mum]. She will just be like, 'Yeah, it's great, that's great, that's great'. You just don't get an honest opinion.''

One person who isn't afraid to tell the One Direction star if his songs are ''crap'' is his cousin who he lives with in Los Angeles.

He said: ''I live with my cousin so like I'll play - if I come back from a shoot - I'll play something to him because he's got like a good ear for that kind of thing, because he'll tell me the truth if it's crap.''

The 'This Town' hitmaker is currently busy promoting his latest single 'Slow Hands' and plans on releasing his album later this year once promo is finished.

Asked when fans can expect his debut solo album, he teased: ''I haven't got a date for that yet, but when I do I guess I'll be letting people know.

''Whenever I feel like I'm finished and whenever promo is finished for 'Slow Hands,' I'll be giving you an album... I'll be telling you first! I'll be finished soon, it's not too far away I don't think.''

Meanwhile, Niall spilled that he and band mate Harry Styles would hideout playing golf when they had thousands of fans waiting outside their hotel rooms.

He admitted: ''We would be touring and there would be thousands and thousands of people outside the hotel, and I wouldn't be able to just walk the streets,'' he shared, ''So me and [Harry Styles] used to just go and play golf. Obviously people don't want to be walking around a golf course with you, so!''