Zazie Beetz wishes she could fly.

The 'Deadpool 2' star doesn't like having to face up to her problems so the idea of being able to soar trough the sky is ''very attractive'' to her.

Asked what superpower she'd like, she said: ''I'd have to say flying. I think it's pretty cool, there's a sense of freedom.

''And I think I have a little habit of running away from problems and I feel like flying is a manifestation of that, so it's very attractive to me.''

The 26-year-old actress portrays Domino in 'Deadpool 2' and though she enjoyed having her superpower of good luck, she didn't want to draw on too many details about the movie.

She told Empire magazine: ''She is a superhero and her power is luck so everything happens in her favour, that's her thing.

''She's sarcastic, sardonic and can meet Deadpool's humour and wit head to head.

''In the comics, she becomes a member of the X-Force team. I'm not going to go into whether that's a thing in the movie, but they're traditionally a group of mercenaries who come together because they don't fit the X-Men umbrella.''

When it comes to her own life, Zazie felt very ''lucky'' that she didn't have to go through the full audition process for her role in the film.

She said: ''I was lucky in that I didn't have to send in a tape.

''I had a meeting with the director (David Leitch) and Ryan (Reynolds) popped in about halfway through.

''A few weeks later, I worked through some of the scenes with David, then a screen test with Ryan, playing around with some scenes.''