Zach Braff cries every time he watches 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'.

The 'Wish I Was Here' star has confessed he can longer watch the ABC TV series - which is about DIY and is fronted by Ty Pennington - because he gets too overcome with emotion when he sees the effect the home improvements have on the families featured.

When asked what makes him cry, he replied: '''Extreme Makeover Home Edition'. I can't watch it anymore because it's so frigging manipulative. Not only are you really crying at the end but you're making audible noises - ugly crying. My girlfriend at the time thought it was so sweet that I was showing genuine human empathy.''

Zach, 39, believes he is an openly emotional man because his father Harold Braff - a trial attorney and sociology professor - was a ''big crier''.

Speaking in the October issue of Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine, he said: ''My father was a masculine man but in touch with his emotions. He was a big hugger; he wouldn't just give you a bro hug - he would really hug and hold you. And a big crier too. When he was proud of us he would cry.''

Although it is uncommon for men to cry in American society, Zach thinks it's good for guys to let out their emotions and he insists all his past girlfriends have been impressed by readiness to weep.

He said: ''I'm very sensitive, I wear my heart on my sleeve. In my experience women really like it when a man shows emotion. It's OK for women to cry but men hide it, they will covertly swipe away a tear. They don't hug each other properly, they have to pat each other on the back. There are ideas in society that people cling to about masculinity.''