Yxng Bane favours ''self expression'' in music.

The 'Fine Wine' hitmaker doesn't necessarily stick to one genre when it comes to music as he prefers just to express how he is feeling at that exact moment.

He said: ''I think everybody is excited about this new Afrobeats sound. My thing has always just been to be able to express yourself, so I don't think I have to make this type of song, it's all about self expression. Whether it needs to be rapped or sung, however it will be delivered will be based on how I feel at the time, however I feel will get the message across clearly.''

And the 21-year-old rapper says there are ''several moments in the last year'' which he wants to live again and again.

He added: ''I wouldn't say there's a highlight [from last year], but there's moments when I was like 'let's go again, let's go again. The reactions from fans to the remix of shape of you, there have just been several moments in the last year I have been really satisfied with and ready to do it again.''

Yxng Bane also praised black women in the music industry for making a splash with their new music.

He told Metro newspaper: ''I don't think we're there any more. Stefflon Don is doing really well. Ms Banks is doing well, so I don't think we're where we were. I don't feel that way. Even our selves, black male artists are doing really, really well at the moment. I don't feel like there's a presence of discrimination to that level. I don't think there's any boundaries. Mabel's another. Jorja Smith got her Brit, Steff won Mobos. All different races are doing well.''