Hitmaker Dun Deal, real name David Cunningham, was taken into custody by FBI agents in July, 2014, after a Richmond County Sheriff's deputy issued a false warrant, claiming his fingerprints had been found on a vehicle used in a jewellery heist in a Costco superstore in Augusta.

A witness reportedly identified the producer from a picture on his Facebook page.

Cunningham denied any involvement in the crime, and was subsequently cleared.

He then launched legal action against officials in the City of Augusta and Richmond County, and has since agreed to accept the six-figure settlement.

Cunningham will also receive a formal apology from bosses at the Sheriff's Office, while the cops involved in his arrest will be put through the disciplinary process, according to DecaturLegal.com.

The producer, who created the hits Hannah Montana for Migos and Stoner for Young Thug, has yet to comment on the settlement news.