Yolanda Hadid ''always knew'' her daughter Gigi would be a star.

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star knew from a young age that her eldest child would be successful at anything she put her mind to.

She said: ''I always knew that Gigi was going to do great things in her life and she's always been so extremely creative. She loves to do things herself and this is just completely up her alley ... You never dared to dream this big, but I always knew that she was going to be successful in whatever she was going to put her mind too.''

And the 53-year-old television personality felt blessed to be with her three children - Gigi, Bella and Anwar - as they walked in the Tommy x Gigi fashion show in London.

She added to Entertainment Tonight: ''This is just such an extraordinary moment for me to be in London today, to be with my three children, all three of them walking in the show this morning. I'm just so grateful that I'm alive and here to actually see this beautiful moment.

''You know what, I haven't traveled with them the five years that I have been sick. I mean, they've been working that long. And this is actually the first trip that I've come on where I woke up this morning, I'm knocking on everyone's door, 'Wake up.' I'm up cleaning their rooms, I'm packing gifts. I just have energy and I just feel amazing.''