Yolanda Hadid and David Foster's divorce has been finalised.

The couple announced they were going their separate ways back in December 2015 and court documents have revealed that the pair's marriage officially came to an end last week.

Papers filed with the Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles reveal the couple's marriage ended on October 16, where they agreed on spousal support, how to split their property and fees for their attorneys.

It comes after David admitted he and Yolanda ''did their best''.

He explained: ''We just always did our best. We had some other issues as well, but everybody's in a good place now. The main thing is that she's healthy and in remission. She worked really hard at it and now she's reaping the rewards of that.''

And Yolanda had previously admitted her divorce from David was ''heartbreaking''.

She shared: ''Of course it was heartbreaking. It's my marriage - it's heartbreaking, but so is life. David and I had a great seven-year run. It became very difficult. The only reason I shared [that story] is because people need to understand that being a sick person is really hard, but being the caretaker of a chronically ill person is hard and people just get to their limit.

''Men want to fix things and if they can't fix it, it's really hard. And absolutely from my part, no bad intent, we all say things that we don't mean. We all say when we get pushed to the end, we all say things that are hurtful, but it's not a big deal. I hold that marriage and that relationship in very high regards. I only wish him love and heal and happiness and I've grown from it. I'm so grateful to be where I am today and if it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't be in New York today and I wouldn't be living the life that is authentic and true to me.''

Yolanda and David were married for six years.