The surviving members of reformed hip-hop outfit X-CLAN have vowed to keep the memory of late star PROFESSOR X alive after he passed away on Friday (17MAR06). Professor X - real name LUMUMBA CARSON - died from spinal meningitis in a Brooklyn, New York City, hospital. He released the politically-charged albums TO THE EAST, BLACKWARDS and XODUS in the early 1990s with his X-Clan bandmates, but was not invited to join their recent reunion. X-Clan frontman GRAND VERBALIZER FUNKINLESSON - aka BROTHER J - tells, "With regret, Professor X was not previously recorded to include his energy on the (new X-Clan) project, but the blueprint to resurrect the efforts of the Blackwatch Movement of this millennium will be carried out. "We of the X-Clan sincerely hope that the efforts of Professor X will not be overlooked as the history of the original X-Clan has been." A wake for Carson will be held at the House of Our Lord Church in Brooklyn tomorrow (23MAR06).