WWE Superstar Paige has officially announced her retirement from in-ring competition at the age of 25.

The professional wrestler - whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis - revealed in a televised segment on 'RAW' that she can no longer compete inside the squared circle due to a severe neck injury.

In December last year, the British grappler was hurt after taking a hard double kick to her back from fellow competitor Sasha Banks during a tag-team match on the 'WWE Holiday Tour' held at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.

Addressing the crowd, an emotional Paige said: ''Unfortunately due to neck injuries, I can no longer perform in this ring as an in-ring competitor. I would like to thank every single female superstar back there today. Be proud to be a part of this division. We have all built this division to be something huge.''

It's been a tough 18 months for Paige who spent a whole year off WWE television after undergoing neck surgery in October 2016 and she only returned to competition in late November 2017.

The star also had her world turned upside down in March of last year when X-rated photos and videos of her were hacked and shared online without her consent following a 30-day suspension from the promotion after violating the companies wellness policy.

Paige - who was previously in a relationship with Mexican wrestler Alberto Del Rio - recently opened up about the leak, and admitted that the invasion of privacy has affected most areas of her life.

She said: ''I crave privacy now. I want it. I don't even want to tell people the next time I speak to a guy, I don't want people to know about it, and it's mostly because of what's happened this year. That scarred me, just people invading my privacy to a point where sometimes I don't even want to go out, because I'm like, 'People are just looking at me bad.' For example, I was out with my friends and we were just sitting there. We had like a bloody Mary or whatever but this guy goes up to my friend and goes, 'That's the porn star. I j***ed off to her yesterday.' And you know what, my friend literally stood up for me so much, but I was just sitting there, like I was super f***ing bummed out.''