Author and Tv writer Jonathan Ames is recovering from surgery on his hand to treat a tissue disorder.

The Bored to Death creator suffers from Dupuytren's contracture, a painless condition which causes his fingers to curl inwards, and he recently went under the knife to reduce the thick tissue beneath the skin.

Ames, who has been left with a long scar on his hand from the operation, reveals he has taken to sweating it out in a sauna multiple times a week to aid the recovery process after discovering the sweltering temperatures in his favourite New York bath house does wonders for his stiff digits.

He tells New York Magazine, "It's the healthiest thing I do. We're 70 per cent water, so I think it's healthy to change your water, like changing the oil in a car."

Ames isn't the only star who is fond of a good sweat - Irish actor Colin Farrell has previously admitted he likes to frequent the same Russian & Turkish Baths in Manhattan's East Village too.