THE LORD OF THE RINGS star ELIJAH WOOD set himself an exhausting challenge last month (SEP05) - to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in three different international cities in just one day.

The actor set himself the 24-hour challenge - covering Venice, Paris and New York - so he could enjoy a day of feeling like a jetsetter, and he achieved mild success.

Wood says, "I had to go to the Venice Film Festival and then after Venice I had to go back to New York for some more press. To get to Venice from New York you have to fly through Paris. So I thought I could extend my layover in Paris and actually go into Paris for lunch.

"I could essentially wake up, have breakfast in Venice, have lunch in Paris and have dinner in New York. Kind of incredible.

"I kind of screwed it up slightly. I woke up in Venice too late. I normally allow myself an hour to be able to have breakfast, only was able to have coffee. So I had coffee in Venice, made it to Paris, got a cab to the Marais... I had a croque monsieur, which is essentially like a grilled cheese ham sandwich.

"I did a bit of shopping, made it back to the airport within an hour of the flight, flew back to New York and didn't go out for dinner - I ended up having tacos at a friend's house. But essentially I did it - three cities in a day."