A former phone company worker is facing 15 years behind bars for lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) while agents investigated allegations Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano wiretapped several high-profile clients.
On Monday (02Nov09) Joann Wiggan was found guilty of three charges of perjury in relation to false information she handed to officers who were trying to build a case against Pellicano, who was found guilty of illegally listening into the calls of stars including Sylvester Stallone last year (08).
He began a 15-year sentence behind bars in December (08), with an extra three years added last month (Oct09) for threatening a Los Angeles Times reporter.
Wiggan lied to the FBI about information she handed to her former colleague, Pellicano's accomplice Ray Turner, who was also convicted of wiretapping and conspiracy last year (08).
Wiggan is due to be sentenced in February (10).