Hollywood wildchild WINONA RYDER shocked onlookers in a trendy Los Angeles restaurant - by having a loud argument on her mobile phone and then fleeing in tears.

The HEATHERS beauty, 32, was dining with a couple of pals when she suddenly insisted on borrowing a mobile phone.

One onlooker tells Britain's DAILY MIRROR newspaper, "Winona was sitting with two women and they seemed quite happy.

"But towards the end of the meal she began to look a bit agitated and told one of her companions to give her the mobile phone. The lady seemed reluctant to hand it over but gave in - and Winona ran with it into the ladies toilets."

While in the bathroom, sources say Winona argued with a mystery caller before shouting, "No no RICKY, you promised."

The source continues, "Some of the women went into the ladies' to check what was going on and found Winona squatting on the floor looking very upset. She screamed at them to leave her alone before locking herself in a cubicle."

Minutes later, Winona fled the restaurant in tears.

22/07/2004 13:18