Winnie Harlow gets make-up tips from YouTube.

The 23-year-old model finds the video-sharing website a great source of inspiration when she needs ideas to complement her look for big events.

She said: ''I'm constantly watching YouTube videos. If I'm going to an event and I'm doing my own make-up, I look for inspiration for a look that complements my outfit and then I'll go on YouTube to search for a how-to tutorial. I particularly like watching Jackie Aina and Carli Bybel.''

Winnie - who suffers from vitiligo, which causes the loss skin pigment - often takes her own make-up products to her modelling jobs because she finds experts don't always have the right shades for her complexion.

She said: ''My worst make-up experiences have been when working with make-up artists who don't have the base shades to suit my skin.

''This has happened multiple times, including fashion weeks, so now I bring my own products along to make sure everything goes smoothly.''

The former 'America's Next Top Model' contestant has loved wearing make-up since she was a teenager.

She recalled to Grazia magazine: ''My first experience of make-up was playing with my mom's products, even though they weren't the right shades for me.

''Then, when I reached 14 and started going out with friends, I began experimenting with high street products to make myself feel good.

''I'd pile on mascara to highlight my eyelashes and load up on bronzer and lip gloss.''

Winnie never goes anywhere without her favourite multi-use product; avocado oil.

She said: ''I wouldn't go away without pure avocado oil.

''It melts into my skin and breaks everything down so I use it to remove make-up and moisturise.

''Then I'll always have at least one Dior Lip Glow in my bag. I use the clear shade because I like the natural colour of my lips and their defined outline.''