BLACK EYED PEAS star WILL.I.AM is temporarily moving to Australia next year (06) to search for unsigned hip-hop talents.

The rapper, whose real name is WILL ADAMS, is impressed with Australia's growing hip-hop scene and hopes to launch Antipodean rappers on the international stage.

Adams explains, "I'm working something out where I live in Sydney four to six months out of the year to help develop urban acts.

"We have plans of taking our label to Australia and signing Australian urban acts.

Despite the large size of the hip-hop scene down under, Adams was shocked to discover musicians were lacking record contracts.

He says, "Every time we tour there we go out to clubs and there's always these artists. I'm like, 'You ain't got a record deal?' They'd say 'No'. I'd think, 'Damn!'

"Seriously, Australia is like my most favourite place to be. People are just nice. It's that simple. It reminds me of LA, but you don't see the c**p in the air."

01/06/2005 09:17