Time Warner Chairman Richard Parsons says he is looking into the possibility of acquiring the Spanish-language network Univision. In an interview with today's (Friday) Wall Street Journal, Parsons said, "Firstly, something that big and that significant, you have to take a look at it. Secondly, the big selling point for Univision is they address what has been an under-addressed, under-represented yet fastest growing part of the population. That's a big plus." However, Parsons added, he is concerned about the long-term growth prospects for Univision, given the changing entertainment market brought about by the Internet. "My problem with it is that it is fundamentally a broadcast network," he said. "I am not that keen on the broadcast business. I can see the growth in Univision for the next three to five years. But it does seem to me at some point in time it flattens out ... and I don't know where the growth comes from after that."